Life & Pensions

Whether you are yet to start your pension or are worried that your existing pension may not be enough to provide for you in your retirement years, the team here at IFG Financial Meath is on hand to help put your mind at ease and conduct a full financial review.

There are many reasons for starting a pension such as:

  • The maximum State Pension may not be enough for you to be comfortable and to maintain the living standards you enjoyed during your working life
  • Tax Relief on your contributions
  • Tax free growth on your money
  • Tax free lump sum when you retire
  • Peace of mind, you will not have any money worries in your retirement years

Even if you have a pension you should look at topping it up. Why?

  • Toping up your Pension will boost the value of your Pension fund over the years
  • If you have started a Pension scheme late this can help to give you the Pension you need
  • It can aid you if you want to retire earlier than first  thought
  • You receive more tax relief

Pension Calculator

At IFG Financial Meath we can tailor the best retirement package to suit your means and needs. Contact any of the team today on 046 9431565 for a full review of your finances.

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